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With the aging population becoming much of a threat to the society, Rothstar Group venture into the healthcare business with Aegis Medical Care Pte Ltd in Singapore providing dialysis care for the patients in need.

Medical Portfolio

Our Medical Portfolio

Aegis Medical Care

Aegis Medical Care aims to provide the best services to our patients and families. We are one of the trusted dialysis center in Singapore and having 8 centers located around the island and 1 center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia opening in 1st quarter 2020, we make sure all our patients are well taken care of by professional nurses.

Under the partnering projects between RothStar with Aegis Medical Care, we are opening the first ever dialysis centre in China as part of post covid strategy. A massive demand in dialysis treatment towards private dialysis centres in China has been a long-term market gap as the operation policy of hospital pushes patients to private centre to reduce strain on the healthcare infrastructure. Hence, Aegis medical care is embarking on developing the biggest private dialysis centre in GuiYang that can house up to 50 beds to tackle this unfulfilled market need.

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