About Rothstar Group


At Rothstar Group, we believe that with the right mix of leverages, wealth can be generated under all circumstances, even in the face of economic downturns. We pride ourselves on having a unique range of investment strategies which not only allow our investors to protect their wealth during global uncertainties, but also to capitalize on new opportunities that generate significant returns. These opportunities presents itself even in tough economic times and we aim to identify such value through exclusive corporate partnerships and our talented team of analyst.

Rothstar Group's investment approach relies on a specific set of principles and strategies that gives us sharp focus in achieving our aim of recognizing and maximizing value for our stakeholders. To this end, we are committed to having a continual understanding of the cultures of emerging economies and further undertake in-depth analysis in order to source for the most opportune investments. The unique ground-up approach Rothstar Group adopts is based off the strong understanding of local condition is essential to gaining insights otherwise unavailable to even the keenest researchers. The strict adherence to this philosophy enable us to fulfill our promise of delivering value to investors in the long run.


Rothstar Group are the pioneers in recognising growth potential and we are trend setters. The consistent and outstanding performance of our group is attributed to our ability of allocating the right mix of capital, time, management and operational expertise to make profitable investments even in challenging situations.


With more than 50 years of investment skills, experience, operational and management expertise from various fields, we are well poised to deliver exceptional result for our clients. Our Portfolio spans a wide range of industries including financial services, travel and entertainment, real estates, technology and healthcare.

Global Reach

Rothstar Group has an extensive global network and long-standing, on-the-ground presence in critical markets. Rothstar Group has established a strong international presence with offices worldwide. We are one of the first private investment firms to have representative offices in the last frontier markets in South East Asia.